I spoke with Monocle 24’s Tom Edwards on Monday about race and protests in the US, amid a history of tension and violence exploited by Donald Trump.

The interview considers the response to the death of George Floyd, knocking back both Trump’s incitement and media headlines which have largely focused on clashes rather than the large majority of peaceful rallies.

We begin with the background of race, violence, and Trump’s manipulations, but look for a ray of light from America’s “systemic failures”:

The immediate answer is that there needs to be justice, including in George Floyd’s case, and in dialogue across communities.

But it must go beyond this. Education is needed for all, a national health care system is needed for all. Rather than increasing income inequality, you need to reduce it.

Where is the hope in this? Even as we see certain politicians act irresponsibly and pour fuel on the fire, there are community groups across color lines, across religious lines, across class lines who are saying, “There Must Be A Better Way.”

Get informed. Learn about these issues and the individuals who are speaking out. Put out messages of dialogue on social media, and help others to learn.

Respond with a sense of decency and a sense of tolerance.

Listen from 9:34:

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