UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Housing Minister Robert Jenrick at a Coronavirus briefing, March 22, 2020

In our 20-minute UK Week in Review, I chat with talkRADIO’s Darryl Morris about a “Government of chancers”, led by the Chancer-in-Chief, Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We talk about the Coronavirus risks of Johnson and his Ministers putting their short-term political position ahead of medical advice: despite the failure to establish a reliable trace-and-track system, the English Government is lifting restrictions — and the Prime Minister is lying about the situation with the virus and his Administration’s ability to contain any resurgence.

Then we chat about the whiff of malfeasance and corruption around another chancer: documents establish that Housing Minister Robert Jenrick overruled a local council to ensure approval of a $1 billion housing development by Richard Desmond, saving the pornographer and tabloid owner $45 million in taxes. Days later, the Conservative Party received a $12,000 donation from Desmond.

Johnson’s response? “The case is closed.”

Listen from 5:14 in 0400-0430 Segment