Will Joe Biden enter White House in November, with Donald Trump blamed for mismanagement Coronavirus pandemic?

In our latest US Week in Review, I spoke with talkRADIO’s Nick De Bois on Saturday about Coronavirus, with a surge in cases and an “Absent Without Leave” Donald Trump.

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We’re looking at the US with a pandemic through the summer, not in the second wave but — as Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week — “We’re still in the first wave”.

We discuss an increasingly frantic Trump, as the death toll rises and his poll numbers sink: will he resort to rejecting November’s election?

Trump will lie that postal votes are fradulent, because he fears that postal votes mean he will lose.

The question is: if he declares the election is rigged, will he vote to delay it? Or if he loses, will he refuse to recognize the result and stay in office?

We review State and local action, including police reforms, in response to the Black Lives Matter marches. And we look at the Trump Administration’s attempt, despite the pandemic, to bury ObamaCare.

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