I spoke with Monocle 24’s Tom Edwards on Tuesday about the latest barriers to an effective Coronavirus response in the US, as the death toll passes 80,000.

We focus on Donald Trump’s political battle against US states led by Democratic governors. The consequences include White House refusal to consider a package to help with billions in deficits as well as resources needed to fight the virus; Trump’s demeaning of some governors; and an absence of Federal coordination.

We also discuss Trump’s tension of ego v. concern as Coronavirus reaches the White House, and his re-election tactic of “blame everyone else”.

But Coronavirus doesn’t know political divides, doesn’t know Democrat v. Republican. And with an economy where unemployment will soon be officially above 20%, and unofficially far higher than that, it may mean that Trump — if the election is held — will not get a second term.

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Listen from 2:28: