On Wednesday morning, I was shouted down and cut off by a UK radio presenter when I explained how the British Government, recognizing the danger of Coronavirus after a study warning of mass deaths, had quickly abandoned its approach of “herd immunity” and moved toward a strategy of “suppression” through social distancing.

So I am grateful to Darryl Morris of talkRADIO for a thoughtful 20-minute discussion on Friday morning about the UK situation, considering the Government’s latest response — noting valuable time lost last week but looking now to a coordinate, effective plan — but also the actions of those at community level preparing for the escalation in cases.

Trying to avoid a focus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I prefer a discussion of the precautions and assistance — defying the false claims in some UK media that there is no danger — which highlight the best in British society. And Daryl and I close by considering how this crisis will lead to a lasting change in life in the UK.

Listen from 8:31 in 0400-0430 Segment

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