UPDATE, FEB 5: I also spoke with Austria’s Radio FM4 about the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday, looking at the chaos and what’s ahead in the Presidential campaign.

Listen at 12:50

Even though this has burst Iowa’s balloons, it doesn’t do much about the overall campaign.

I spoke with talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer on Tuesday about the Iowa caucuses for the Democratic Presidential contest, with results delayed by technical issues and communications problems.

Listen to Discussion from 8:28 in 0630-0700 Segment

We review the burst balloons as Iowa’s residents, activists, and journalists — and the candidate, now in New Hampshire for the February 11 primary — waited without satisfaction. But I npte that, except for the embarrassment of the Iowa Democratic Party — the story will pass quickly as the campaign takes its next roller-coaster ride.

Before that, we look at the UK Government’s knee-jerk reaction to a terrorist incident in London on Monday, noting that the soundbite — a minimum 2/3rd of a terrorism sentence served before any consideration of release — does little to deal with the complexity of prosecution and imprisonment, and misses the important issues over Sudesh Amman, the assailant shot dead in Streatham yesterday.