In our latest 15-minute Week in Review, I join talkRADIO’s Paul Ross to review the US-Iran confrontation, the harm to migrants from Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance”, and the UK Labour Party’s challenge over anti-Semitism and whitewashing of war crimes as it restores Chris Williamson.

Listen from 15:38 in 0200-0230 Segment

We begin with a look at the respite from US strikes inside Iran, because of Donald Trump’s U-turn last Thursday, but the ongoing risk of conflict:

Both sides’ hardliners have entrenched themselves. This crisis was spurred when the Trump Administration withdrew from the nuclear deal, which was a safety net — when Trump ripped it up, anything goes.

On top of this, you have the unpredictability of Trump, where you don’t know where we go next.

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We consider the plight of migrants risking lives to get into the US while the Trump Administration attempts to end asylum:

Since the Trump Administration took office, they have deliberately tried to feed a crisis about migration — to provide that they are the people that can put this crisis down….

Mr Trump, these deaths are on your head. And if they caused you a moment of distress, it is nothing compared to the distress caused on a daily basis to tens of thousands of people.

We note Donald Trump’s starting his visit to the G20 summit with an insult of the host Japan, before concluding with a look at the Labour Party’s reinstatement of Williamson — despite not only his remarks over anti-Semitism but his cover-up and denial of the war crimes of Syria’s Assad regime.