I joined Monocle 24 and BBC radio and TV outlets on Friday to analyze the second debate among Democratic candidates in the 2020 US Presidential campaign.

Issues won again on Thursday, with consideration of immigration, national healthcare, economic justice, climate change, and gun control.

Sen. Kamala Harris took headlines with her assured, passionate remarks, including an exchange challenging former Vice President Joe Biden on race relations from his praise of segregationist colleagues in Congress to his opposition to busing.

Biden stumbled with his approach of the “anointed” to face Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders struggled to connect when others have taken over his signature progressive policies of Medicare for All and challenges to big business and corporations.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was solid and assured, even when under pressure over an officer-linked shooting in his city of South Bend, Indiana.

So where now before next month’s debates?

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It wasn’t just that Harris challenged Biden. It was that she tied her intervention to issues like race and equality, and she was very strong on issues like immigration, which will key in the run-up to next year’s election.