The 20 Democratic candidates in the first campaign debates, June 26-27, 2019

In an interview with CNN International’s Natalie Allen on Sunday, I explain why — almost 18 months before the 2020 Presidential vote — we should not accept a narrative of “Trump v. Biden”.

It may be in the interest of Donald Trump and Joe Biden to reduce the campaign to that narrow scenario, and make a viewer-enticing headline on a Twitter feed or a newscast — but it does not do justice to the 23 hopefuls for the Democratic nomination or for the urgent consideration of important issues.

To get beyond the horse race, this should be a campaign about issues — climate change, health care, education.

Donald Trump’s game is not to talk about issues but about personalities. How do the Democrats respond to that? Do they get away from a mano a mano contest and say, “Let’s test Trump on the issues rather than on an insult and nickname for each of us”?