In our latest 15-minute Week in Review, I joined talkRADIO’s Paul Ross on Thursday morning to survey politics and legal troubles in the US, Israel, and the UK.

Listen from 5:42 During 0300-0330 Segment

We begin with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s farewell statement, implicitly saying there was evidence of a crime by Donald Trump during the Trump-Russia investigation — but there was no indictment because of Justice Department guidance.

Then it’s to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has missed a deadline to form a government after last month’s elections. With Netanyahu facing indictment over financial crimes and with previous partners shying away, is he — and Israel — now in political limbo?

Finally, we traverse the choppy waters for both the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK.

Boris Johnson, an aspirant to replace Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, faces a court hearing over allegations that he lied during and after the 2016 Brexit referendum.

But Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, may not be boosted. The party is being investigated over alleged anti-semitism by some of its members — and other Labour leaders may be looking to topple Corbyn’s senior advisors over the issue and also the muddle over Brexit.