Then-White House Counsel Donald McGahn looks on as Donald Trump speaks (File)

On Tuesday, former White House counsel Donald McGahn refused to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about issues including Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice.

In 30 hours of interviews with the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, McGahn described his role in Trump’s attempt to shut down the Trump-Russia investigation. This included an order to McGahn in June 2017 to arrange the firing of Mueller.

The blocking of McGahn’s testimony or provision of documents is part of an all-out White House and Trump effort to prevent any further inquiries. So what’s next?

I discuss with Monocle 24’s Markus Hippi.

The White House know that, on the facts, the Mueller Report did find obstruction of justice. The House Democrats, who control the House Judiciary Committee, know this. And so they’re moving the battle from the criminal courts into the court of political opinion.

Trump’s people in response are playing out the clock.

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