White House advisor Stephen Miller looks on as Donald Trump meets county sheriffs at the White House, February 2017 (Paul Marotta/Getty)

I spoke with CNN International’s Rosemary Church on Monday about Donald Trump’s firing of Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen.

We put the dismissal within the context of Trump’s re-election campaign and the ascendancy of hardline xenophobe Stephen Miller, the White House advisor given the immigration portfolio by Trump.

For Stephen Miller and for Donald Trump, I don’t think anyone short of The Terminator or RoboCop is going to fit their message about defending the US from a mythical “invasion” by migrants.

Snake oil salesman gotta sell snake oil. Having created the crisis, Trump will milk it to say, “You need me to solve the crisis.”

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We also chat about Trump’s refusal to provide his tax returns, as the House Ways and Means Committee requests the documents from the Internal Revenue Service.