Attorney General William Barr and Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a file photo from 1991

In our weekly 15-minute journey across Trump-Land, I joined talkRADIO’s Alexis Conran on Saturday to take apart the political spin around the Mueller Report on Trump-Russia links — and to explain why we are only at the beginning of its possible significance.

Listen from 29:05 in 1900-1830 Segment

We begin by exposing Attorney General William Barr’s attempt to bury any consequences for Donald Trump, and why he’s backing away from his cover-up with a confusion of “coordination” and “collusion”.

Barr has not summarized the almost 400 pages [Editor’s Note: and 300 pages of supplemental material] of what Mueller has done. He’s taken the last few paragraphs of Mueller’s conclusion and put the best possible spin on them for Trump.

Then it’s a discussion of how and if the report will be released, and the political and legal consequences for Trump if it sees the light of day.

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