I joined CNN International’s Natalie Allen on Sunday morning to explain how — despite the Trump camp’s attempt to proclaim “No Collusion” — no one (except Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) knows the extent of the evidence against Donald Trump and his inner circle in the Trump-Russia report.

We set out some basics, such as Mueller’s priority of a counter-intelligence inquiry and the White House’s hope to limit if not bury the findings. Then we add the kicker: Mueller’s material may contribute to several ongoing criminal investigations at Federal and State level against the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, and, yes, Donald Trump himself.

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Since the initial flourish from the Trump camp, they’ve been silent. Donald Trump was not on Twitter yesterday.

I think they’re nervous now. I think everyone’s nervous because: 1) we don’t know the extent of what is in the Mueller Report about the evidence that he’s accumulated and 2) we don’t know which way Attorney General Bill Barr goes — whether he plays fair to let the report out or whether he lets the White House have a shot at claiming executive privilege.