I spoke with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 on Friday afternoon about the latest position over Donald Trump, The Wall, and the Trump Shutdown.

We begin by discussing whether Trump will declare a national emergency — and how he might use it to divert money to funding of The Wall — and then counter some of the lies of Trump and his supporters.

The other panelist, providing examples of pro-Trump disinformation, is Sarah Elliott of Republicans Overseas.

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This is legal nonsense filled with misinformation. There is no Constitutional provision to build a 30-foot-tall Wall of concrete or steel.

There is no border security expert who believes the Wall is useful. Undocumented immigration has fallen year-on-year over the past 20 years, but you repeat the falsehood that terrorists are crossing the border each day.

I spoke with BBC Radio Wales on Thursday about the prospect of a long-term Trump Shutdown of the Federal Government, and the damage that this is causing millions of Americans.

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Asked about a “war that wins the moral high ground”, I reply:

I don’t start from a “both sides” point of view. I start from the point of view that, on December 11, Donald Trump told Democrat leaders, “I will be proud to shut down the Government for border security”, in other words, for The Wall….

The Wall is nothing but a Holy Grail for Trump to create chaos.

TrumpWatch, Day 721: Trump’s Photo Op on Border, Trump Shutdown Continues