Migrants console each other after US officers fire tear gas on the California-Mexico border, November 25, 2018

I spoke with Eamonn Holmes on talkRADIO on Monday night about two developing stories: the Trump Administration’s confrontation with migrants, following Sunday’s use of tear gas on the Mexico border, and the UAE’s release of British academic Matthew Hedges after a six-month detention.

Listen from 7:47 in 1800-1830 Segment

On Trump’s ongoing political effort to hold support through anti-immigrant measures:

This is not just an issue of immigration. Donald Trump wants this confrontation.

But it might not work out for him. Folks who are far removed from immigrants may tend to support Trump, but those on the frontline turned against Republicans in this month’s elections.

On the UAE’s motive for freeing Hedges after their evidence-free conviction of him as a British spy:

What’s the payoff for the UAE?

In the next few days, you will no longer here about the move for a ceasefire in Yemen, where the UK had the lead responsibility in the UN for making arrangements.