I spoke with George Howell on Sunday and Monday about issues beyond the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, from the impartiality of the Court to the Trump-GOP portrayal of opponents as an enemy “mob” within the US.

Democrats and Women as “The Mob”

Those who happen to oppose Donald Trump or challenge the Senate leadership should not be portrayed as an “enemy within”, simply because they raised this issue — generally of sexual violence and specifically over the need for an investigation of Brett Kavanaugh….

If you are concerned about “the process”, and here I’m speaking to those up on Capitol Hill, do something about it. Getting Brett Kavanaugh onto the Court — whatever it took — was not a proper way to consider someone who is one of nine Supreme Court Justices for life.

Can the Court Remain Impartial?

It doesn’t have that appearance now. What happened in the past few weeks was not a process to respect the integrity of the Court but a political mission, primarily by the White House and the Republican leadership, to get another conservative on the court.

In pursuit of that political mission, the idea of a non-partisan Court was gone.

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And on the campaign tactics of Donald Trump and Republican senators:

These are now to link the Kavanaugh case to treat those who have suffered sexual assault as part of ‘the mob’, to treat who have spoken up as part not only of ‘the mob’ but a mob financed by the Jewish billionaire George Soros.

If this continues, then you damage US politics and US society well beyond November.