Iran’s 1st Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri (L) and President Hassan Rouhani (File)

1st Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has pointed to his isolation within the Rouhani Government, saying he was not consulted about the weekend reshuffle of the Cabinet amid Iran’s economic crisis.

President Hassan Rouhani nominated four replacements — at the Economy, Industry, Labor, and Roads Ministries — after MPs removed two ministers in late August and two others resigned.

Iran Daily, Oct 22: Rouhani Looks to Save Government and Economy with 4 Nominations

Jahangiri, who has spoken of differences over economic approach within the Administration, said that he does not have the authority even to hire or fire his own secretary.

Iranian commentators assessed that another Vice President, senior economic advisor Mohamad Baqer Nobakht, and Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi were key players in the nominations as Jahangiri was excluded.

“A Superman Who Is Good for Nothing”, mocked one Iranian newspaper. Another advised, “Please Go Home!”, a third asked, “Do You Remember Your Promises, Mr Jahangiri?”

Analysts have suggested a divide between two of the centrist factions behind Rouhani: Jahangiri’s Executives of Construction and Vaezi and Nobakht’s Moderation and Development Party.

Tehran MP Elias Hazrati said Jahangiri’s complaint indicates that he will resign, while reformist commentator Mojtaba Vahedi portrayed the Vice President as a “charlatan”.

Hardliners celebrated the dispute. Fars, the news agency linked to the Revolutionary Guards, summarized their reaction: “Why is Jahangiri still working with the administration if he feels powerless?”