Donald Trump, at a rally in Wisconsin, blamed media “hostility” for pipe bomb attacks


On BBC Radio Ulster, I dealt with the attempts by Trump supporter Charlie Wolf — culminating with the falsehood linking immgrants and Al Qa’eda entering the US — to reject any connection between Trump’s language and encouragement of violence against “enemies”.

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I spoke with Julia Hartley-Brewer of talkRADIO on Thursday about the US pipe bomb attacks, targeting figures hated by some on the political right.

To what extent does Donald Trump’s language given someone space to justify the attacks on — to use Trump’s phrase about journalists — “enemies of the people”, including the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, CNN, and actor Robert DeNiro?

We also chat about the latest act in the Brexit drama, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May facing Cabinet dissent over her attempt to reach a deal with the European Union.

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