Israel has fired missiles again inside Syria, this time near Damascus International Airport, according to the Assad regime’s media.

Unconfirmed reports said Israeli warplanes targeted an arms depot where new weapons recently arrived for Hezbollah or Iranian-led forces.

As usual, the regime claimed that it had repelled the attack. A military official said, “Our air defenses responded to an Israeli missile attack on Damascus international airport and shot down a number of hostile missiles.”

An AFP correspondent in Damascus reported a loud blast late Saturday, followed by several smaller explosions. Video showed at least one explosion.

One observer speculated that the attack might have been a “suicide drone” to lure regime air defenses.

There were no reports of casualties or damage.

Israel has attacked periodically inside throughout the 90-month conflict, with the Israel Defense Forces acknowledging earlier this month acknowledged that they have conducted airstrikes on 202 targets

Initially the Israelis focused on disrupting weapons transfers from Iran to Hezbollah, and on preventing a Hezbollah and Iranian presence in southwest Syria near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. In the past year, strikes have expanded — including on regime bases with a significant Iranian presence — in support of the Netanyahu Government’s
demand for the withdrawal of all Iran or Iranian-led personnel.

In April, Israel carried out its most widespread attacks inside Syria since the early 1980s.