I joined Natalie Allen on CNN International on Sunday morning to discuss Donald Trump’s latest offensive remarks, and his latest problems caused by lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen in a combination of the Stormy Daniels affairs and the Trump-Russia investigation.

First, it’s a review of Trump’s speech to the National Rifle Association on Friday, in which he fed verbal red meat to the anti-gun control crowd with distortions about both the UK and France — to argue that unrestricted access to guns would prevent knife crime and terrorism.

Donald Trump has intervened in what many here consider an ignorant and crass way over issues with which we are dealing.

Then we talk about the complications for Trump from the misguided remarks of lawyer Rudy Giuliani about the $130,000 payoff to Daniels over her 2006 encounter with the reality TV star, causing political turmoil and raising the prospect of criminal charges.

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From there it’s a short hop to more revelations about Cohen’s business dealings — and thus the dealings of the Trump Organization, including projects in Russia: did they spill over into connections during the 2016 election?

Watch from 3:11: