I joined Alexis Conran and former MP Nick de Bois on talkRadio for our weekly irreverent stroll across Trump-Land, from Trump’s “war zone” lie about London to the latest pitfalls over Trump’s sexual encounter with Stormy Daniels.

We start on a serious note about Trump’s speech to the National Rifle Association, in which he distorted a report about knife crime in the UK:

Trump was reworking a theme that I’ve heard from a lot of folks in the States — the problem is that there are bad guys who use knives and baseball bats and maybe their fists, and if we just strap on our six-shooters, we can stop those knives.

VideoCast with CNN: Trump’s Offensive “War Zone” Remarks, Giuliani and Cohen Cause Problems

We chat about the latest difficulty for Trump — feeding his anger and public performances — over the investigation of his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, with its effects on the Trump-Russia inquiry. Then it’s to the lighter terrain of a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump over his self-declared solving of the Korean issue: “We can well have a guy who is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the same time that he is being impeached and possibly facing criminal charges.”

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Finally, we have to take heed of the renewed stormfront over Trump and Stormy Daniels, whipped up by the high-profile backfire of the campaign of Trump and attorney Rudy Giuliani to make a $130,000 payoff go away: “You have now tied Trump to the serious issue of an election finance violation.”

Listen from 3:44 in the 1800-1830 Segment