Iran’s regime has warned that security forces will “resolutely confront” protests, saying they could be exploited by the US and other enemies.

Judiciary spokesman Gholam Hosssein Mohseni Ejei put out the message in a Sunday press conference, four months after nationwide protests over economic and political issues and amid ongoing local demonstrations. Earlier this month, at lesat two demonstrators were killed in Kazeroun in southern Iran as protesters set fire to a police station.

Ejei said:

Judicial and security bodies…will resolutely confront any group or individual that want to compromise the country’s security.

I urge families not to let their children be fooled by psychological warfare…launched by the enemy, especially Zionists and Americans, and not let counter-revolutionaries infiltrate crowds of protesters with legitimate demands. These days, Americans and Zionists have become so desperate that they are reaching out to the most despicable individuals and terrorists.

President Hassan Rouhani and his Government have said that they recognize the concerns behind January’s protests, while hewing to the Supreme Leader’s line that the demonstrations were taken over by violent groups supported by foreign elements.

Iran’s fragile economy is facing a new wave of crisis after the Trump Administration withdrew from the nuclear deal beween Tehran and the 5+1 Powers (US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and China). Donald Trump’s order, issued on May widely extends existing US sanctions and threatens punishment of any foreign company with American links which is still trading and investing in Iran from November.

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