The FBI raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen has stoked Donald Trump’s fury and renewed the possibility that he will dismiss Special Counsel Robert Mueller to halt the Trump-Russia investigation.

But having threatened this on several occasions, will Trump ever say “You’re Fired”?

I joined Cyril Vanier on CNN International on Monday morning to discuss Trump’s most recent threat, nipped in the bud by White House officials and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Advisors have to go to Trump and say, “If you do this, it will be catastrophic. Then Trump pulls back….

Trump is like a would-be Samson who is going to pull the whole house down if things get too rough, and everybody has to gather around and say, “Mr. President, it’s not time to pull the pillars out.”

Then there’s a prediction of Trump’s downfall, using the precedent of Richard Nixon, if he ever takes the fateful step.

Watch from 28:31: