Former Tehran Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi (pictured) has finally been detained to serve a two-year prison sentence over the deaths of protesters amid the mass demonstrations in 2009 over Iran’s disputed Presidential election.

Mortazavi, known for his hardline approach towards political prisoners and the press, was suspended by the judiciary in 2014 but evaded punishment over the abuse and killing of the detainees. After eight years, given a six-month sentence, with the court citing his “good behavior” for a reduced term; however, in November 2017, amid protests over the light sentence, an appeals court raised it to two years.

The prosecutor was formally charged over the death of Mohsen Ruholamini, the son of a prominent conservative political activist. Ruholamini was one of three men killed in the Kahrizak detention center, which was then closed on the orders of the Supreme Leader.

Last week, judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejei said a warrant had been issued for Mortazavi’s arrest, but authorities had “not been successful in getting [their] hands on him”. Mortazavi’s wife and lawyer had denied he was missing, and said he was looking to appeal the ruling.

Mortazavi was finally seized in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran on Sunday, and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran.