On Monday, Donald Trump fired a Twitter shot at Britain’s National Health Service:

Trump’s blast had little to deal with reality. Britons are not rallying because they are opposed to the NHS but because they support it, wanting to ensure that the Government provides sufficient resources.

But of course, Trump does not care about reality. Instead — fed by the British agitator Nigel Farage, using an appearance on Fox and Friends to assail immigrants as the burden on the NHS — Trump was seeking to score political points at home as he continues to assail ObamaCare.

I spoke with Paul Ross of talkRADIO about Trump’s damaging and “inhumane” politics, threatening not only a reliable and affordable system of health care but also another tremor in Anglo-American relations.

There’s also a chat at the end about the growing difficulties for the UK Government in Brexit negotiations to leave the European Union.

Listen to Discussion from 8:58 during 0100-0130 Segment

We’re getting this poisonous cocktail of ill-informed comment, problems with resources for the NHS, and politicians who are taking short-term advantage to cause long-term harm to the service.