Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to plan a military parade in Washington which he can review.

I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Briefing on Wednesday about the latest Trumpian attempt at a self-serving display and the signals which it sends at home and abroad.

I’m not quite sure we’re quite at the level that this is at the level of Hitler or Mussolini or even Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin. I think this is Trump trying to feed Trump’s ego and his narcissism….

I’m not as concerned about this marking Trump’s autocracy or delusions of power as much as I am about his policies and half-crazed statements.

Given its cost and the chance that it will tear up Washington’s streets, will the parade happen?

I think the Pentagon will stall on this. They’ve got more important things to do around the world….

They’ll tell him, “We’ll have a look at this,” and they’ll hope his ever-active mind jumps on to something else and he won’t come back the next month and say, “Hey, guys, where’s my parade?”

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