I spoke with Rosemary Church of CNN International on Tuesday about Donald Trump’s threats following the attention to his “shithole countries” remarks last week.

Trump has repeatedly said since that meeting on immigration last Thursday that he will abandon any attempt for a bill establishing the right to remain in the US of almost 800,000 “Dreamers” — even if this means shutting down the Federal Government when supplementary funding expires on Friday.

Of course, in Trump’s world, he never made any racist remarks and it is Democrats who are to blame — and he has some GOP legislators who are backing him up, even as others are calling for him to be held to account.

Let’s see. What is being said [by Trump’s defenders] is “Donald Trump didn’t say this particular comment which might be construed as racist. He said this other particular comment which might be construed as racist, so it’s OK.”…

When Trump is taking about “those people”, he is saying, “I don’t want any of them in the United States. And the risk is that he not only does not want of them but that he think those already in the US, “Dreamers”, aren’t really Americans either.