I joined CNN and BBC outlets on Friday to discuss two intersecting stories: Donald Trump’s latest racist remarks about immigrants and his cancellation of a visit to the UK to open the new US Embassy.

Conversations include the damage of Trump’s comments and the real reason why he is staying in the US.

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I don’t think the cancellation of Trump’s visit affects the relationship between Britain and the US, which is being driven on other levels, such as between the State Department and the Foreign Office, such as between our militaries and intelligence services.

As with many things with Trump, you should treat this as a tantrum and hope it doesn’t unsettle other matters at hand.

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This is the type of racist language that, if you heard it from anyone who was not President in the White House, you would slap him or her down immediately. And I hope he will be slapped down, even though he does hold this position.

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Trump gets a pass because he’s President. If he was a teacher, a doctor, a journalist, he would not get away with these statements. He is a nasty man.


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The Trump Administration is trying to cut back immigration sharply. They are trying to ban people from certain countries from coming to the United States. And what Donald Trump has done has come clean about the reason for this.

This isn’t for reasons of national security. Donald Trump simply doesn’t like entire groups of people.

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Trump’s politics is a damaging politics. We get these artificial divides of liberal v. conservative and right v. left, instead of trying to bridge and talking about a way forward for all of us. His type of dog-whistle politics is very, very corrosive.

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Trump thinks of America as a white America. Or at least an America in which certain people of color are not part of it. An America in which those who don’t have money, who don’t have power, who are sometimes trying to escape devastation and deprivation are just a burden. They have no value whatsoever.