In our 2nd Facebook Live video filmed with our partners at the Clinton Institute of University College Dublin, I offer a blunt but essential observation about the 45th President of the United States:

If you’re a Trump supporter, I’m not saying this to trash everything the Administration is doing or what you think should be done. But recognize that the man who is supposedly leading the effort is not coherent, is not book-smart. He may be street-smart but is not even common-sense smart.

If you’re going to get done what you want to do, at least acknowledge that you’re working with a weakness and not a fount of strength in the White House.

And if you’re not fond of Trump and you want to challenge him, recognize this also. Don’t create some type of conspiracy in which Donald Trump has a master plan to remake America, remake the world in some devious way. There may be some in the Administration who have this, but it’s not the President.