PHOTO: Rescue worker stands in front of a school damaged by pro-Assad bombing in Aleppo Province, January 1, 2017

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, which monitors attacks and casualties in the conflict, says that pro-Assad forces breached a national ceasefire 174 times in the first week of the agreement.

The SNHR said it documented a total of 178 violations since the deal, brokered by Turkey and Russia, was announced on December 29. It reports 11 civilian casualties, including one woman, two children, and an unborn baby, “most of them…killed by the Syrian regime forces”.

The report — drawn from statements of survivors, victims’ families, and witnesses as well as imagery of the attacks — says 160 breaches were by Assad forces. Most of these were in Hama Province (55) and Homs Province (30), followed by Aleppo and Daraa Provinces (19 each), and Idlib Province (14).

In addition, the SNHR claims 14 breaches by Russia: six in Aleppo, five in Idlib, and three in Hama. The four breaches by rebels were in Aleppo and Hama.

The location and time of each incident is set out in the report. Most of them are bombings, shellings, or rocket and mortar attacks, but there were also eight operations to detain individuals.

The report does not address the pro-Assad offensives which have continued despite the ceasefire. These include the aerial and ground assault seeking to overrun the Wadi Barada area, northwest of Damascus, and the attempt to take more territory in East Ghouta, northeast of the capital.

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