PHOTO: Red Crescent staff prepare to transport conjoined twins Moaz and Nawars to Damascus on Friday

Conjoined twin boys, born almost three weeks ago, are in urgent need of medical treatment near Syria’s capital Damascus, according to local sources and activists.

Moaz and Nawars are joined at the chest with protruding intestines. They were born on July 23 in the besieged East Ghouta area near Damascus.


Mohammad Katoub of the Syrian American Medical Society said on Thursday:

A doctor called me three days ago, and said we have to try to evacuate these kids. I am trying to find any avenue. The medical equipment they have is not good enough.

Unable to get immediate assistance, Katoub and SAMS asked permission from the parents to publicize the case.

On Friday, the twins were moved to the Children’s Hospital in the Mezzeh district of Damascus. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent posted a brief note and photographs of the transport of the boys.


“The twins, the mother and the aunt are now being evacuated,” said Elizabeth Hoff, the World Health Organization’s representative.

However, activists are concerned that the twins need to be allowed abroad for necessary microsurgery.