PHOTO: Donald Trump and Sarah Palin (Andrew Burton/Getty)

Seeking the Republican nomination for the US Presidency, Donald Trump has won the support of Sarah Palin — the former Governor of Alaska, the Republicans’ “rogue” Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, talk show host, and reality TV start.

But will Palin’s endorsement on Tuesday, less than two weeks before the Iowa caucus, boost or undermine Trump?

I spoke with BBC Radio Wales on Wednesday morning to assess the likely effect.

Listen from 22:45

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I think this is a mistake for Trump in the long-term. I think he’ll possibly get a short-term boost from Palin because those people who support Palin really support her.

But those people who don’t like Palin, including inside the Republican Party, really don’t like her….

I think she’ll help Trump in the first “town hall meeting”-type contest, but when we get to the really big primaries, she may be a liability….In appearance, she reinforces Trump as being provocative, being aggressive, not caring what people think of him.

You don’t win in the long term in US politics without grabbing the center of American voters.