PHOTO: A building set ablaze by airstrikes on Saqba in Damascus Province



Analysis: Top Buyer of ISIS Oil? The Assad Regime

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UPDATE 1100 GMT: The pro-opposition Local Coordination Committees say at least 30 civilians have been killed and dozens wounded by Russian airstrikes and shelling on the Damascus suburb of Douma.

A spokesman for the Jaish al-Islam faction, based in the town, says 60 are dead, including 18 children, and more than 100 injured.

Douma has been subjected to intense bombing and shelling since the summer, killing hundreds of civilians.

The LCC say that schools were among the targets on Sunday and that cluster bombs were used. It adds that the suburbs of Saqba, Irbeen, Zamalka, Ain Tarma, Hamoria, and Kafar Batna were also hit.

Pro-Assad accounts say today’s bombardment is in response to more than 30 rockets fired by Jaish al-Islam on areas of Damascus.

Young victims of the attacks:



A bloodied man holds an infant:


Men carry children out of the rubble:


Warning — Graphic Images:

Other footage and images show a boy crying in pain as his foot is amputated and an infant who was killed.

Aftermath of the attacks on Saqba:

On Saturday, children in Douma had sent a message to the Assad regime and Russia — “Why are you bombing our schools?”:


ORIGINAL ENTRY: Russian and regime airstrikes have again killed more than 100 people in Syria in a single day, with attacks across the country on Saturday.

The Local Coordination Committees documented the deaths of 103 people, including 25 children and 17 women. Of the casualties, 46 were in ‪‎Aleppo Province‬, 23 in ‪‎Damascus and its suburbs‬, 12 in ‪‎Deir_ez-Zor Province‬, 9 in ‪Idlib Province‬, 5 in ‪‎Homs Province‬, 3 each in ‎Hama and ‎Latakia Province‬, and 2 in ‪Daraa Province.

Among the killings were the deaths of 10 people from a Russian strike on the town of Sousah, near Deir ez-Zor city in eastern Syria, where the Islamic State holds territory. Other mass casualties were in parts of Aleppo Province held by the opposition and by ISIS.

Rebels Advance Farther in Northern Hama Province

Taking advantage of a move of regime forces to the front near Aleppo, rebels have advanced in northern Hama Province.

The regime redeployed units after rebels had shifted some of their troops to southern Aleppo Province. However, remaining rebel factions, led by Jund al-Aqsa, captured half a dozen villages and checkpoints near Morek.

Rebels took Morek, on the Hama-to-Aleppo highway, in early November.

Video: Massive Blast from Rebel Missile in Hama Province

A rebel TOW anti-tank missile causes a massive explosion, possibly from hitting an ammunition truck, near Mansoura in the al-Ghab Plain in northern Hama Province:

The opposition Sham News Network claims that at least 20 regime troops were killed in the blast.

Funerals for Iranian Soldiers Killed in Syria, Possibly by Russian “Friendly Fire”

Iranian State news agency IRNA has published photographs of the funerals of five soldiers killed in Syria.


IRNA did not give details of the victims, but Iranian media have confirmed the deaths of 15 soldiers in the past week.

Sources inside Syria say that a Russian airstrike accidentally killed Iranian and Hezbollah troops last week. The attack occurred in Homs Province near Palmyra, the Roman-era city captured by the Islamic State in May.