On Monday, we evaluated the black comedy of a terrorism “expert”, Steven Emerson, declaring on Fox News that Birmingham, England — the home of EA WorldView — is populated only by Muslims, as it is a “no-go area” for people of other faiths.

Needless to say, this came as a surprise to me as I, the son of a Christian preacher, sat in my front room in Birmingham with my non-Muslim wife and non-Muslim daughter. Muslim acquaintances — whom I don’t believe are part of any “religious police” — called us to congratulate us on our conversion.

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The commentary met — after dropped jaws were put back in place — with humorous derision, as a flurry of images under the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts imagined Emerson’s Muslim Birmingham and the rest of Britain:

Emerson quickly apologized for the Birmingham remarks — albeit not for other claims such as “Muslim religious people” intimidating and beating people on the streets of London and “Europe is doomed” because leaders of Muslim communities refuse to integrate — but Fox held out.

Until Saturday night, via anchor Julie Banderas:

Later Jeanine Pirro, who hosted the original Emerson interview, made another apology, saying that she should have challenged the “expert”.