LATEST: World Health Organization — 1 Million Wounded, Diseases Spreading

Activists have confirmed the discovery of another mass grave from the Islamic State’s killings of tribal members in eastern Syria.

The Local Confirmation Committees said about 200 bodies were found in Deir Ez Zor Province, adding to the several hundred executions that have already been confirmed. The LCC said 15 of the latest casualties have been identified.

The victims are from the al-Sheitat tribe, which challenged the Islamic State’s expanding rule this autumn. Hundreds of tribal members were lined up and killed after the jihadists took over the villages.

Warning — Graphic Images:

Earlier this month the Islamic State said al-Sheitat’s families could return to their homes if weapons were handed over and jihadist control was accepted.

World Health Organization: 1 Million Wounded, Diseases Spreading

The World Health Organisation has said that 1 million people have been wounded during Syria’s 46-month conflict and that diseases are spreading amid shortages of medicine and medical supplies.

Despite the regime’s claims of vaccination campaigns, the rate has fallen from 90% to 52%, and water is often contaminated.

The WHO’s Syria representative, Elizabeth Hoff said the regime is blocking surgical supplies, such as bandages and syringes, from entering insurgent-held areas.

She said more than 6,500 cases of typhoid were reported this year across Syria and 4,200 cases of measles, the deadliest disease among children.

There was only one reported case of polio following a vaccination drive, but other new diseases have appeared, including the tropical illness myiasis (screw-worm).

Activists in East Ghouta near Damascus say tuberculosis is spreading due to poor sanitary conditions and the regime siege on the area.

Claim: After Loss of Idlib Bases, Regime Forces Suffer More Defeats & Retreat Towards Latakia

Activists claim that Syrian forces, retreating from the loss of the Wadi ad-Deif and Hamidiyeh bases in northwest Syria this week, have suffered further defeats as they retreat towards Lattakia Province on the Mediterranean coast.

The activists said insurgents killed officers and soldiers in the al-Mastumah camp, which is on the international highway between Idlib and Latakia.

Among the claimed dead are two lieutenants.

A source said that the bodies were mutilated. Some were buried in Idlib Province, while the rest were transported to Tartous via helicopter.

A correspondent of the pro-opposition Syria Mubasher said insurgents saw more than 40 armed vehicles fleeing the camp.

Video: Insurgents Near Brigade 82 Base South of Damascus

Footage which claims to show insurgents closing on the Brigade 82 base, after weeks of fighting, south of Damascus:

The base is near the town of Sheikh Maskin, captured and held by the insurgents this autumn, on the main highway from Damascus to Daraa city and the Jordanian border. Seizure of the complex by the opposition would further threaten an insurgent move towards the capital’s suburbs as well as extending their hold on southern Syria.