Three Israeli soldiers were injured on Wednesday night in a hit-and-run attack south of Jerusalem.

A Palestinian suspect was arrested this morning for the incident along Route 60 near the Palestinian refugee camp of al-Aroub.

The suspect’s father and several other relatives were reportedly arrested during last night’s manhunt.

Earlier on Wednesday, a Druze police officer was killed in another hit-and-run in East Jerusalem.

Hamas officials are said to have praised the attack on the social soldiers as “a continuation of our resistance plans”. A social media campaign called “Daas”, Arabic for “run over”, has appeared.

Last night’s burial of Ibrahim al-Akary in Jerusalem’s Old City, the alleged perpetrator of the attack that killed the Druze police officer, sparked protests throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

At the Beit Hanina Light Rail Station, one Palestinian was arrested after attacking a security guard last night, while raids in predominantly Arab neighborhoods detained 16 other Palestinians. In the West Bank, 15 Palestinians — seven of them Hamas members — were seized for suspected links to al-Akary.

On Thursday morning, hundreds of right-wing settlers with a heavy military escort visited Joseph’s Tomb, east of the West Bank city of Nablus. Local Palestinians threw stones and glass bottles at the settler group, as they prayed at the site, and were dispersed by Israeli soldiers using tear gas and stun grenades.