LATEST: Regime Barrel Bombs Kills at Least 12 in Aleppo Taxi Stand

Insurgents, supported by video evidence, are claiming further advances in Quneitra Province in southwest Syria.

The opposition has taken most of the province since the spring and captured Quneitra city last week. On Thursday, they announced a renewed offensive to seize more regime positions on hilltops and in buildings.

The offensive includes the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front, and Jabhat al-Nusra.

By Friday afternoon, insurgents were claiming the capture of the hilltop Tal Maheed and regime bases near Majduliyah and at the hospital in the town.

The regime is responding with airstrikes on hilltops seized by the insurgents.

An insurgent tour of the base near Majduliyah:

View from Tal Masharah southwards to regime-held Tal al-Harra:

Regime attack on Tal Masharah:

Regime Barrel Bombs Kills at Least 12 in Aleppo Taxi Stand

At least 12 civilians were killed on Friday when Syrian helicopters dropped two barrel bombs on a taxi stand in Aleppo on Friday.

An AFP journalist at the scene saw the corpses, including that of a child, and several people lying on stretchers with burns and shrapnel wounds.

The taxi stand in al-Haidariyeh, a popular meeting point, has been previously hit by regime airstrikes.

One resident said, “I saw the bodies. They were workers, people who were simply trying to find a way to put bread on the table.”

A man who helped rescue survivors declared, “Taxi drivers gather here to transport workers and goods….There were no rebels here.”