President Rouhani has used his speech at the UN General Assembly to contrast Iran’s leadership in the fight against “terrorism” with the Western powers’ “founding and supporting [of] terror groups”.

Effectively competing with President Obama’s speech on Wednesday for a coaliton “to dismantle the network of death”, Rouhani heralded his initiative at last year’s UN meeting — World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) — and said, “Let’s recall Iran had invited everyone to ‘dialogue’ before the criminal act of September 11th.” He called for development, anti-poverty measures, and a fight against “distortion of divine teaching”.

After chiding those Muslims who had perverted their faith for violence, Rouhani turned to the crimes of the West:

The charges propped up the President’s case that the US is “illegitimate” in its purported leadership of the region, which Iran has the position to take up that role:

Bluntly put, Iran should be the responsible power to oversee solutions in Iraq and Syria, not the US: