Iran’s Foreign Ministry has rejected reports that it is encouraging Afghan emigrants to fight in Syria, promising them $500 per month and Iranian residency.

The Wall Street Journal wrote last week that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards were recruiting the emigrants.

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The office of Grand Ayatollah Mohaghegh Kabuli, an Afghan religious leader in the Iranian holy city of Qom, said, “(The IRGC) find a connection to the refugee community and work on convincing our youth to go and fight in Syria.”

A member of the IRGC confirmed the details.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Tuesday:

This claim by the American newspaper is completely baseless and has been made with the purpose of tarnishing Iran’s image in Afghanistan and depicting a totally inhumane picture (of Iran) to citizens of this friendly and neighboring country.

As published in news outlets, Afghan officials have not confirmed such a claim.

Afkham called on the Journal to apologize to the Afghan people for insulting them.

(File Photo: Afghan emigrants in Iran)