Claims are circulating of another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime, this time in Idlib Province in northwest Syria.

Activists say there are more than 100 casualties. The Islamic Front has posted a statement saying the wounded are suffering from inhalation of chlorine gas and has given the names of 17 of those affected.

The attack appears to have been on Talmenes, between Ma’arat al-Nu’man and Jarjanaz:

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Videos show treatment of injured, including children, in a hospital in Jarjanaz:

Claimed remains of the barrel bomb which carried the chlorine cylinder:

The Syrian regime carried out an assault with chlorine gas cylinders, dropped in barrel bombs, on Kafrzita in Hama Province 10 days ago. At least three people were killed and 200 wounded, according to doctors and local journalists.

Over the last four weeks, there have been claims of other attacks in Hama Province and near Damascus.