While the crisis in Ukraine is beyond our areas of daily coverage, we have been keeping a close eye on developments.

This morning, BBC Hereford and Worcestershire gave me an opportunity to evaluate the current state of the conflict and what is likely in the near-future, starting from the question, “Is This A New Cold War?”

Listen to discussion from 34:43

The answer to the opening question: “No”, followed by other points of analysis:

1. “This is a regional conflict, in which Russia is flexing its muscles, in part to assert their power, in part because they are worried about a pro-Western government on their doorstep.”

2. “What the Russians are trying to do is get leverage over the bargaining, because there will have to be a new government in Ukraine and there will have to be some reasonable arrangement over security. The Russians are trying to have the upper hand in that by deploying their forces.”

3. “Russia suffered a serious defeat when Ukraine President Yanukovych fled the country, and Vladimir Putin is not a man who likes weakness, so he flexed his muscle. I just don’t think he wants a war.”