LATEST: Insurgents Capture Pro-Assad Militia Stronghold in Hama Province


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UPDATE 1500 GMT: Sam Dagher of The Wall Street Journal reports that, as local activists feared, evacuations from the Old City of Homs are being accompanied by the regime’s detention of men in the group:

Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi claimed 420 people were evacuated on Sunday from the Old City districts.

Some aid was finally delivered to a besieged neighborhood in Homs after it was held up by fighting and an attack on a United Nations convoy that injured a driver. Activists are claimed that five people were killed in the gunfire.

The Syrian Red Crescent reported on Saturday night that its workers managed to deliver 250 food parcels, 190 hygiene kits, and medicines for chronic diseases to Old Homs.

Photo of the aid being delivered:

The city of Homs is under regime control apart from four neighborhoods, including the historic Old Town, which have been under siege for more than 18 months. While the regime allowed 83 civilians — women, children, the elderly and the wounded — to be evacuated Friday, activists say that between 3,000-4,000 civilians remain trapped in the besieged areas. It is not clear how many people the 250 food parcels will feed.

The Red Crescent did not say who was responsible who was responsible for the attack on the convoy.

Footage of the firing:

Activists also said that following the aid delivery, Syrian forces resumed heavy shelling on one of the besieged neighborhoods. At least nine Red Crescent and UN vehicles were trapped in Homs for several hours after dark. The convoy left just before 10pm local time, leaving behind two damaged trucks.

Footage of the aid deliveries:

State TV’s version of events:

Insurgents Capture Pro-Assad Militia Stronghold in Hama Province

Insurgents have posted videos and photographs of their capture of Maan in Hama Province, a stronghold of pro-Assad Shia militia:

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Video: Carnage and Casualties from Barrel Bombs in Aleppo

Footage posted today of an attack which reportedly killed 19 people (Warning — Graphic Images):

Barrel bombs have also been reported in Al Marja, Qadi Asker, and Al Qaterji.

Aftermath of shelling in the Shaar neighborhood:

More Barrel Bombs On Darayya On Saturday

Footage posted Sunday of more barrel bomb attacks on Darayya in West Ghouta on Saturday:

Almost 200 People Killed on Saturday

The Local Coordination Committees said 197 people were killed across Syria on Saturday, including 29 children and 18 women.

Of the deaths, 105 were in Aleppo Province, 32 in Hama Province, 23 in Daraa Province, and 15 in Damascus and its suburbs.

Humanitarian Appeals for 1000s Fleeing Barrel Bombs in Aleppo

The Local Coordination Committees have posted a humaniatarian appeal for thousands of civilians who fled recent bombing of Aleppo and are now in Kilis in Turkey on the Syrian border.

The Committee said most of the displaced are children and women with no shelter and inadequate food and clothing.

Syrian forces have dropped hundreds of bombs on insurgent-held areas of Aleppo in the last two months. Last week video and photographs showed hundreds of civilians were held up with their belongings as they tried to cross from the insurgent-held to regime-held area of the city.