Radio Free Syria on Friday conducted another interview with the Syrian-Palestinian activist and citizen journalist Qusai Zakarya in Moadamiyya, the West Ghouta town under a 15 month regime siege.

Qusai discusses the situation in the Moadamiyya — which was one of the towns subjected to the August 21 regime chemical weapons attacks — and some of the Assad regime’s false claims.

Qusai says:

(The regime) managed to convince the people of the town with their conditions of the truce…

We are having a lot of different opinions about what is going on. Some see it as a victory for the Revolution because the regime has not managed to invade the town for the past 15 months of the siege, even after they used chemical weapons on August 21.

Others see it as a victory for the regime, because they managed to have their flag (flown) over the main water tank in the town.

But all of us agree on one thing, that we want the best for the people of the town and for Syria and we take things one step at a time and try to be positive…

(The regime) is only letting small shipments of food in. We’ve received only three shipments of food containing one meal per person.

That’s a very small amount of food after 15 months of starvation.

The regime is sending a message, trying to change people’s minds about staying behind the Syrian revolution. They are saying that the regime can feed you when it wants and make you stave when it wants, but the Syrian Revolution will only let you die from hunger, or die from the shelling.

There is something the world needs to know about the regime.

If it had the smallest shred of dignity, we would not have started the Revolution.

(The Revolution) started small, just some writing on a wall that caused the brutal Syrian intelligence to have people tortured and killed.

After 40 years of the Assad regime living over our chests and stopping us from thinking straight, so that we only think about getting a decent meal at end of every day, this is something very expected from the regime, to have them trying to manipulate what is going on.

They are just liars and hypocrites.

Listen to the rest of the interview via the above YouTube video.