One million Syrian children are now registered as refugees, the United Nations said Friday.

UN latest figures show that of the one million Syrian refugees under the age of 18, around 740,000 are under 11.

Children now make up half of all refugees from the Syrian conflict. Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon as well as in Egypt. Others have fled to Europe and North Africa.

UNHCR High Commissioner António Guterres expressed the situation in stark terms: “What is at stake is nothing less than the survival and wellbeing of a generation of innocents. The youth of Syria are losing their homes, their family members and their futures. Even after they have crossed a border to safety, they are traumatized, depressed and in need of a reason for hope.”

UNCHR say that around 7,000 children have been killed during the conflict and that over 2 million children have been internally displaced within Syria.

UNCHR has put together two video reports of the plight of child refugees.

In Lebanon:

In Jordan:

A day in the life of Aya, one in a millions:

Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon particularly have faced overcrowding, organized crime and increasing lawlessness. Those fleeing to Europe have also experienced hostility, with refugees in Germany facing an angry protest this week by German Neo-Nazis.

Earlier this month, Foreign Policy reported that the U.S. is now considering allowing up to 2,000 Syrian refugees, mostly women and children, to enter — however, they will be screened for “terrorist ties” first, a process that could take at least a year.