LATEST: Yemen — Intelligence Officer Killed by Insurgents

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Thousands of anti-regime protesters marched across Egypt on Friday, defying warnings by the interim Government and the crackdown by security forces on opposition.

The demonstrations were the largest in more than two weeks, when several hundred demonstrators were killed by the police and military who dispersed sit-ins for deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

The Ministry of Health said eight people were killed on Friday in fighting between protesters and local residents. Authorities also said one soldier was killed and two others wounded in Port Said after they were attacked by unknown gunmen on Friday night.

Demonstrators in Cairo chanted against the July 3 coup: “Wake up, don’t be afraid, the army must leave!”. Troops and helmeted police, armed with tear gas guns and semi-automatic rifles, manned checkpoints near the protests and blocked a main bridge.

More than 10,000 people marched in Alexandria, Egypt’s second city, and there were also rallies in the Nile Delta and in the three cities on the Suez Canal.

The protest in Tanta, 60 miles north of Cairo:

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Yemen: Intelligence Officer Killed by Insurgents

Insurgents killed an intelligence officer in southern Yemen on Friday, after a jihadist leader allegedly died in a US drone strike.

Colonel Hassan Ali Mansouri was shot in Labous in Lahj Province. Men from Mansouri’s tribe retaliated, killing one of the assailants and overpowering two others.

Earlier on Friday, a US drone strike allegedly killed Qaeed al-Dhahab, a military chief of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, in the southern province of Bayda.

Egypt: Police Officer Shot Dead in Sinai

Gunmen killed a riot police officer in El Arish in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

The policeman was on patrol when he was shot in the chest.