[Originally posted on 2 July, without the English translation]

In Da’el, north of Daraa, a different type of battle breaks out in a local street on Tuesday. The dispute over seats gets heated up fast but luckily, one of the residents has a Western-supplied gun and he is able to calm things down.

Translation via a contributor to the Something Awful Forums:

[Military uniformed man in back of pickup truck yelling]

“We’ve got seats! Seats in the Alliance, chairs in the Parliament, in local government, in the provincial council!”

[Group of other men pile around the car, asking about the chairs]

Military man: Oh, peace be upon you.
Mob: And also with you. Seats! What do you have?
Military man: By god, we have seats in the Alliance, in the Parliament, in local government, and the provincial council.
Mob: How much are the seats?
Military man: Well, this seat [Alliance] is 2,000 lira, this one [Parliament] is 1,250, this one [local government] is 1,750, and this one [provincial council] is 250.
Mob: But what, how much did you pay for these seats? The prices for these seats are high.
Military man: Eh, well, we paid for this this seat [Alliance]… about 100,000 martyrs. And this Parliament one, we paid 50,000 martyrs, and this one was about… 50,000 martyrs. And this one 1,500 martyrs.
Mob: Oh!! Well… what about for all of them then!!
Military man: Wh… wh.. for the Alliance one brother?

[Chaos ensues as the mob all grabs chairs and runs off, firing weapons etc.]

[Suit charges in, waving bag of bread — offers to provide bread for seats; mob member demands weapons instead]

[Bread suit wins over, they reluctantly return seats to the truck]

[An argument then ensues between the mob offering the military man weapons for seats, and the suit, offering bread for seats]

[The military man objects that he paid in blood for the seats, so he cannot give them away lightly; some mob members offer to pay in martyrs for seats]

Military man, suit, and mob member turn to the camera at 2:14, and plead with the people outside of Syria not to waste their efforts by trading in seats, and trading away their freedom.