LATEST: Egypt Video — “The Army is the Will of the People”

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Egypt’s interim Prime Minister, economist Hazem El-Beblawi, will name his Cabinet on Sunday, 10 days after the military coup that deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

El-Beblawi said on Saturday that the Cabinet will have 30 members, with some of Morsi’s ministers retaining their posts. He did not rule out roles for the Muslim Brotherhood, the base for Morsi’s Government, but the Islamist group — whose leaders have been arrested by the military-backed authorities — is likely to reject any offers.

Egyptian State media said on Saturday that the new Foreign Minister may be the Ambassador to the US, Nabil Fahmy.

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Egypt Video — “The Army is the Will of the People”

The Egyptian military has released a 30-minute documentary praising the role of the armed forces in the 2011 Revolution and the June 30 coup against President Morsi:

Egypt — Fahmy Confirmed as Foreign Minister

Nabil Fahmy, former Egyptian Ambassador to the US, has confirmed that he has accepted the post of interim Foreign Minister.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Expresses Defiance, Denounces “Crimes of “Coup Leaders”

THe Muslim Brotherhood has issued a statement declaring that its followers are exercising their legitimate and constitutional right to protest peacefully to “restore legitimacy” and reverse a military coup.

On Friday, the army dropped flyers on the main sit-ins for former President Morsi, calling for an end to the demonstrations in Rabaa El Adewaya Square in a Cairo suburb and in Giza’s Nahda Square.

The Brotherhood responded, “[The military] provokes hatred [of] the Islamist current…justifies massacres against it…touts Islamists as killers while they are being killed and as terrorists while they are peaceful.”

It continued, “Those who should seek safety… are the coup’s leaders who have committed crimes against the people, the country, the army and legitimacy….They are merely seeking to maintain their grip on power without taking heed of state stability or the people’s will.”