We start Thursday with two analyses looking at what is next for Iran and for the Supreme Leader following the election of Hassan Rouhani as President.

The video of Wednesday’s night panel at The Frontline Club, including EA’s Scott Lucas, accompanies a look at Ayatollah Khamenei’s attempt to claim authority in a speech yesterday morning — leaving a hostage to fortune, “Even those who don’t support System and trust it know that the Islamic Republic defends Iran’s interests.”

Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader’s office is back to work denouncing Washington:

“President-elect Hassan Rouhani’s office, however, is more in the mood for discussion, using Twitter to promote this story from State outlet Press TV about the nuclear issue: “[Rouhani] has formed a group to assess the future rounds of comprehensive negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers, the Iranian foreign minister says.”

An Aerial Breakthrough in Iran-US Relations?

Tehran is playing up the possibility of air links between the Islamic Republic and the US, with Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi declaring, “We welcome direct flights between Iran and the United States, and have no problem with it. Launching direct flights is for the sake of public welfare, and we have no problem with this issue.”

On Tuesday, Mehr News Agency reported preparations for a memorandum of understanding, with Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines and Iran Air hoping to transport passengers between Iran and the US.

Rouhani Sends a Reply to Khamenei “No Support” Message?

We have paid great attention, both in Iran Today and our analysis this morning, to a statement from the Supreme Leader on Wednesday — in particular, asking if it is a wobble by Ayatollah Khamenei over his authority: “Elections proved that even those who don’t support System, trust it. They know that Islamic Republic defends Iran’s interests & dignity.”

We are not the only one to note the message — the office of President-elect Hassan Rouhani has re-tweeted it.


Currency Falling After Post-Election

There has been a flutter in the international press about a 20% rebound in the value of the Rial after the election of Hassan Rohani, strengthening to about 30000:1 vs. the US dollar from a pre-election rate of 36400:1.

The recovery appears to be short-lived. An EA correspondent summarises:

Dollar is back above 33000 Rials, heading towards 34000 today, and British pound is back on 51000.