Podcasts: Will Flynn’s Cooperation in Russia Inquiry Bring Down Trump?

Donald Trump with Michael Flynn during the 2016 campaign

Michael Flynn, former senior Trump campaign official and then National Security Advisor, may be cooperating with the Trump-Russia investigation of Special Counsel Mueller.

The news was prompted by the revelation that Flynn’s lawyers have stopped sharing information with White House counterparts.

So, if true, how serious is this for those even closer to Donald Trump? Could Flynn implicate Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, or even Trump himself?

I went through the possibilities with both Austria’s Radio FM4 and London’s Monocle 24 on Friday.

Listen to Radio FM4’s Reality Check from 12:16

Contrary to the White House line that this would all be over by Thanksgiving, we are looking at this investigation going well into 2018.

Listen to Monocle 24’s The Daily from 11:52

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  1. Rejoice not too soon, Scott!

    Flynn most likely made this move pre-emptively in an attempt to curry favour with Mueller, hoping that his expression of ‘good will’ would go towards being granted a deal whereby he sight unseen trades his black-box of [essentially worthless] testimony in exchange for blanket criminal immunity. This is basically the same lopsidedly generous [to himself] offer he tried to wrangle early on with regard to the Congressional investigations, only the trick was then flatly rejected and that is quite likely to recur, as Mueller is no soft touch and Flynn is anything but popular amongst the globalist DeepState set, who badly want to see him crucified due to his having hitherto been unable to keep his trap shut on several of their choice dirty secrets, e.g. the 2012 DIA report on the Pentagovernment, in its demented NeoCon fanaticism to régime-change the insufficiently Zionist Assad by any cheap means necessary, turning a benevolent blind-eye to the funding and military supply of ISIS by its HouseArab/Turkish vassals as it established itself in North and East Syria:

    Even if he does manage to convince Mueller he has something worth trading for, i.e. information that could help convict Der Tяump☭nFührer on the central charge of conspiring with Putin to do anything illegal to defeat Clinton, it will only suffice to mitigate punishment and he will, like Papadopulous, have to be charged with something, if only to create a credible pressure to continue singing convincingly if ever actually put in the stand.

    I tend to think, however, that he has nothing of the sort; the repeated offers are simply a bluff to gain the ‘get out of jail free’ card he needs to see off several irrefutable potential charges arising from his own ill-advised indiscretions, and that it is >=90% likely this play will fail entirely.

    Thus it remains virtually certain that Flynn’s indictment on at least the FARA issue will follow within a month or so.

    His Plan-B is that, having throughout the ordeal remaining a loyal tight-lipped Trumpist, he will be readily pardoned by the Ginger Grifter even if convicted on such peripheral charges.

      • By ‘conspiracy theory’ I suppose you are trying to imply that the Yanki alphabet-salad of ‘agencies’ and their Mother Pentagon feel no institutional urge to cover their collective arse or punish those who have exposed it, to deter future squealers and ensure their crimes can continue with little or no accountability?

        However, this fails to explain why their public surrogates still suffer embarrassing priapism to drone-murder Snowden & Assange …

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